Advanced Laboratory Testing


Think of us as your personal health detectives. Lab testing can give us clues to figure out what is going on with your body and give us information on what health concerns need to be a priority. From stool testing, food sensitivity testing, saliva testing and breath testing, you can expect the most comprehensive wellness testing will be done to determine the missing clues needed to return you to health. This information can help us figure out why you aren’t feeling well and allow us to build a plan to help you move forward on your path to wellness.

Standard lab tests may be ordered along with functional labs that look more closely at how your body functions. All this information can be really confusing, but we feel that knowledge is power. We take time to educate you so that you understand what your results mean helping to ensure you meet your wellness goals.

Some Labs used at MIH:

  • Dynacare and Life Labs - Standard lab tests

  • Alletess - Food sensitivity testing

  • BioHealth - SIBO testing

  • Rocky Mountain Analytical - Hormone testing (saliva and DUTCH), hair element analysis

  • Doctor’s Data - Comprehensive Stool Testing

  • IGeneX - Lyme disease testing

  • SpectraCell - Nutrient profile testing

  • Thermography


Additional testing is available! Looking for a specific lab that is not on the list? Just ask! We are always researching and updating our lab offerings and welcome your requests.


Please note: Imaging is not part of the scope of naturopathic doctors in Ontario. Also, it is unfortunate but lab testing ordered is not covered by OHIP.