Although a lot of the time we think we are leading healthy lives, there may be a key component to wellness that we are missing. A naturopathic doctor can help fine tune your lifestyle to ensure you are doing everything you can to be healthy. Lifestyle changes can come in many forms, including mental/emotional changes. Physical ailments can be a result of emotional issues. We offer patients a safe place to talk about any emotional issues. The time spent with patients, listening to their story and offering a space to heal is a very important component to healing.


What kind of Lifestyle recommendations might be recommended?

  • Education around toxins in your environment that could be contributing to illness, and how to remove them.

  • Exercise plans - We are firm believers in meeting you where you are at and working up from there. Ultimately building a plan that is “do-able” and setting realistic goals are so important in setting up an exercise plan.

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Stress management techniques