Naturopathic doctors know that the media is full of misleading information regarding what is healthy and what is not healthy for us to be putting into our bodies. Having a naturopathic doctor help you come up with detailed recommendations on how to eat to promote wellness is an underutilized but essential tool in your path to health. Different “diets” may be recommended, not necessarily to lose weight but to correct the biochemical functioning of the body through the use of food. What you put in your body reflects what you get out of it, so “let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates.


How is Nutrition part of my wellness plan?

Most patients are given a diet diary to complete. After your ND reviews your detailed food consumption, recommendations are made to include specific foods for their specific nutrients, eliminate foods that could be contributing to illness and in some cases, specific diet plans are recommended to help achieve wellness. Some patients may have food sensitivity testing done and detailed dietary recommendations are made, along with any alterations in the diet to accommodate any food sensitivities, to help ensure nutrient deficiencies do not occur and patients continue to maintain a balanced diet while undergoing any dietary modification.


What is food sensitivity testing?

At MIH our doctors utilize a blood test to look for food sensitivities. The specific test is an IgG blood test. This can be done by a blood draw or a fingerstick.

The immune reaction from airborne allergens and the immune reaction from an anaphylactic, or immediate, food reactions is different than what is being tested with IgG food sensitivity testing.The IgG test is testing for a delayed hypersensitivity reaction. This means a reaction that can develop over 3-4 days.

Please note: It is important that you continue to consume your normal diet prior to seeing an ND. If food sensitivity testing is indicated, the test is more accurate when the amount and types of foods you normally consume, remain consistent in your diet prior to testing.

Our ND's work with you to develop an individualized elimination and rotary diet program based on your food sensitivity test results, while also including a supplement regime to help your body heal and a state of wellness ensue. This can be confusing and we are here to help!