Supplements that may be recommended include vitamins, minerals, and various other nutrients that assist the body’s natural biochemical processes. The goal with supplementation is to ensure the body is getting all the necessary nutrients and co-factors it needs in order to function as optimally as possible.

Are supplements safe? 

First Do No Harm – This is a basic tenet of all medical practice. As naturopathic doctors practicing in a world saturated with natural health information, we know it can be confusing figuring out who to trust with your health. If you are a patient who is pregnant or taking medications, not all supplements are actually safe to take. A naturopathic doctor puts safety at the forefront of your health by looking for nutrient depletions as a result of your necessary medications and  interactions with your supplements and medications as well as ensuring that your health concerns are not actually a result of medications you are currently taking. Also, with herbs and nutrients, dosing strategy is very important. We stay on top of the evidence and can help ensure your supplementation is safe and effective, so not only do you save money but also stay safe.

How can I get my supplements?

We use Fullscript to send our supplement prescriptions and treatment plans to our patients. This software protects patient’s privacy and allows patients to order exactly what is recommended online. Shipping is usually 1-2 business days for local patients.

How much will my supplements cost?

Supplement costs vary from patient to patient. The goal of treatment is always to obtain wellness so that supplements are not taken forever, but rather till the problems are fixed!