Women's Health

No matter where you are in life, and whether you are struggling with PMS, infertility, menopause or anything else hormonally related, our naturopathic doctors would be happy to help you achieve wellness. 


The young woman

PMS is an all encompassing term that includes menstrual cramping, breast tenderness, heavy periods, acne, bloating and mood changes like irritability. If you're unhappy with the traditional option of oral contraceptives and NSAIDs, we can help you solve these health concerns with safe and natural treatment options.



Planning a pregnancy? Preconception health is an exciting time where you have the opportunity to set you and your baby-to-be up for exceptional health by preventing pregnancy related complications and conditions such as allergies/asthma in baby. We can help your body prepare for pregnancy with treatment options that help you avoid being the 1 in 6 struggling with infertility.

Or perhaps you are of those 6. We know how hard this can be. Let us support you in getting to the root cause and helping you attain a natural and healthy pregnancy.



The struggle is real! Motherhood is full of absolute joy and hardship. As moms, we understand! The fatigue, constant circulating colds and flu's, and all the anxieties of motherhood can be overwhelming. We can help you optimize your health so you can focus on what matters - spending time with and raising your little ones!


wise woman

Traditionally, menopause is thought to be a transition period where the woman moves into her “wise years”: a time where she is no longer fertile representing now a time where her focus can go deep into her own self. Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety are symptoms that we see more commonly in North America, where diet, lifestyle and cultural beliefs contribute to imbalances that lead to a more difficult transition. So let us help you find a greater sense of balance as you move into your wise woman years, where it’s truly your time to shine.